We will grieve after everything’s over, like kossaks did


They woke up at 5am on February 24th to a message that the war started. Together with his girlfriend Maxim packed his things and went to his parents. Maxim says that for the first few hours he was so shocked that it was really happening that he doesn’t remember his own actions. 

Maxim’s father went to the front on day one. And he immediately shared with Maxim the needs that the soldiers in his unit had. That’s how Maxim started helping military men. On the 5th of March Maxim’s father passed away after being wounded. He was awarded with the third degree Bohdan Khmelnitskiy medal post mortem.

After his father’s death Maxim decided he wanted to technically support our military men in a more systematic manner. That’s how he established the Fund of Viyacheslav Viktorovych Savitsiy, or “FoVVS”. He gathered a small team and started looking for thermal imagers, drones, rear sights, and night vision devices. He managed to find people in Austria that help him buy devices in Germany at lower prices. 

Maxim says that Mykolaiv is the city of volunteers, they cover a lot of humanitarian aid requests and uniform needs of the military. That’s why Maxim decided to focus on a more niche area of buying appliances. He handles the appliance requests from military units and their commanders, collects money, and handles the search and purchase on the devices in question.  During the first month Maxim’s fund has collected 510,000 hryvnyas with the help of Instagram. At this point the team has already managed to buy 10 thermal imagers at the average price of 1600 euros per piece, 6 night vision binoculars, batteries, accumulators, charging stations. Now “FoVVS” is collecting the means for 15 thermal imagers and 15 night vision devices. 

The first thing Maxim wants to do after the victory – just to get some sleep in a clean bed and not fully dressed. He plans developing his fund further after the active phase of war and also to work on some other projects: material support of the military units and humanitarian projects to help the families of our servicemen. Maxim is trying to keep his spirits high despite everything that’s happening. He says that back in the days when the kossaks went into a fight they were dancing first – and grieving after coming back to the Sich. So we will grieve after everything’s over. 

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