People have so many problems and so much pain


She woke up in the early morning on February 24 to the sound of explosions and messages notifications from friends. Numerous thoughts of what to do next and how to live were coming to her mind. The life and working processes should be continued and adapted. 

Maria re-organized the Mindly platform, and now everyone in need can get psychological support for free. The platform has already held more than 1000 free sessions for residents of Ukraine. Before the war started, there were 7 psychologists and 100 users on the Mindly platform. Now there are 50 psychologists and more than 3,000 users.

Maria says every person needs psychological therapy during a normal peaceful time. And now it is simply necessary. People have so many problems and so much pain: someone was or remains in hot spots, someone got survivor guilt. Soon, the therapy group will be organized, so that people can share their experiences and just talk.

After the victory, Maria will return to the sweet home and continue her work. After all, psychological assistance and mental health will be even more relevant after the war ends. Maria says, most problems come from the head and mental health is very important for all people. She wants people to have a culture of seeing a therapist, especially when times are the hardest. She Is planning to leave an option of free therapy sessions, for those people who cannot afford it. 

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