We just couldn't sit still


Even before February 24, Mariia was worried because of the influx of information about the Russian invasion and her gut feeling told her to prepare. She had stocked up on food and necessary medicines. Since Mariia lived in Kharkiv, in Saltivka district, she was one of the first to hear the explosions on the morning of February 24th. In this area, there were constantly the most intensive attacks.

The first three days Mariia was in a shock, she was with her boyfriend at his parents’ place. Periodically they were at home, but more often in a shelter. Since it was impossible to sit still, Mariia and her friend created their own “Internet army”, a team of 50 people. They began to show the situation in Ukraine on social media, talk about what was really happening, communicate with Russian people, trying to get through. But over time, they realized that this was not very effective.

After moving to Budapest, Mariia began to actively volunteer and help. She helped with fundraising and the search for ammunition and humanitarian aid. She has identified the main direction for herself – fundraising and the purchase of bulletproof vests for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, territorial defense and volunteers who work in hot spots. They have already managed to send more than 50 bulletproof vests, 10 first aid kits and 30 food kits for soldiers.

Mariia created the volunteer organization “Help Ukraine Today”. She says that we do not have much time to help, everything must be done today and nothing can be put off until tomorrow… especially helping our country. Mariia finds her activities fulfilling. She manages to work, volunteer, communicate with her family and close people. All this motivates her to carry on.

After the victory, Mariia will immediately go to Kharkiv to her boyfriend, with whom they planned to get married.

Before the War

Head of the partnership department in CHI Software

Site of Operation

Budapest, Kharkiv

Operation Directions

Funds Raising
Help to the Territory Defence
Helping Armed Forces of Ukraine