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On the morning of February 24, her husband woke her up and said just three words, “IT HAS BEGUN,” which are still hovering on the edges of her mind. She and her husband lived in Brovary near Kyiv and understood that in case of invasion they would go inland to the Kyiv region to keep their baby calm and safe. That morning the military units near Brovary were being bombed, and Mariia and her husband waited for some time for the situation to stabilize. When they drove, there were kilometer-long traffic jams everywhere.

Mariia kept her job, but she and her husband could not sit quietly. So they began to actively help people. At first, they bought ammunition for territorial defense forces, then they found some addresses where elderly people lived and began to bring them food. They also have acquaintances who serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Mariupol and Kherson. Mariia receives direct requests from them for uniforms, thermal underwear, or protective equipment. Not only are military goods expensive, but it’s also difficult to find and deliver them. And the third area of Maria’s and her husband’s volunteer work is the purchasing of special thyroid medications. Many people can not do without them, but in Ukraine it is almost impossible to get them. Mariia buys them in batches of 100-200 and sends them all over Ukraine.

The main donations come from the employees of OLX, where Mariia works. The guys actively help with funds, for example, in one day they raised money for 7 cool bulletproof vests for their friends from the Ukrainian Armed Forces.  But her colleagues can’t transfer money every day for the needs of the volunteer headquarters. They sorely lack funding. They are mainly raising money to buy food for the elderly and disabled persons, purchase thyroid  medicines, and fulfill requests of the soldiers of Ukrainian Armed Forces and territorial defense.

Mariia says that she has always dreamed of being a volunteer and sees that so many people all over the country selflessly and sincerely help those in need, just as they do. She is sure that their work brings our victory closer. Mariia is a very emotional person and is sure she will cry as soon as she learns of the victory. And, in tears, she will pack her bags to return home as soon as possible.

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