It is impossible to defeat people with such a huge heart


Mariia Vinogradova from Kyiv was volunteering before the war. After the loss of her beloved dog in 2020, she spent a lot of time rescuing and socializing and fostering homeless animals.


At the beginning of the war, there were about 20 dogs in Mariia’s foster care and it was difficult to find a bomb shelter where animals were accepted. Her friends helped her with this. And after a while Mariia personally brought these dogs to Poland, where they have already found owners. But the road was very scary – the bus in which women, children and animals were rescued was damaged by shelling.


Mariia is currently in Germany and has not given up volunteering. Her Help Ukraine team works in the following areas: supplying food and medicines for people and animal feed to the liberated cities of Kyiv and Kharkiv; helping foundations that care for animals in different cities; cooperating with the foundation “Good Evening we are from Mariupol”, which takes care of refugees; helping soldiers at the front and those who are in rehabilitation after injuries. Also in the first month of the war, Mariia’s team actively helped the Kyiv gastro army, which fed the territorial defense and the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


The most difficult thing for Mariia at this time is sleep. She says that it is very difficult, although it is extremely necessary to relax and calm down. But she is happy that over the months she has met many caring people who are ready to help in any possible way. Mariia is convinced that it is impossible to defeat people with such a huge heart and ability to self-organize as Ukrainians.

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