We want to help Ukrainians return to normal life as soon as possible


For the spring of 2022, Markiian had great creative plans, but the war has begun. He moved with his friends in order not to be alone. They hid in the basement together. On the third or the fourth day, his acquaintances joined the Territorial Defense Forces. Markiian and his friends also decided they were fed up with hiding and something had to be done. First, they bought things that could be useful to defenders at their own expense. When they ran out of money, they started fundraising. Now the “ANGELS OF KYIV” is helping soldiers of the Territorial Defense Forces and the Armed Forces, elderly and sick people, and internally displaced persons from the occupied areas. Currently, volunteers have already spread their work outside the Kyiv region, they are sending humanitarian aid to Donetsk and Luhansk areas.

During the three months of the war, the ANGELS delivered more than 100 tons of humanitarian aid and spent more than 10 million hryvnias. These include food and personal care products, the most expensive are medications, both for the civilian people and military hospitals. Volunteers bought 2 off-road autos, lots of clothes, defence equipment, walkie-talkies and optics for the militaries.

Volunteers do not have their car, they have to borrow it somewhere all the time. Once they had to lie to the owner, they were going to the Dnieper, while they took the humanitarian aid to the Luhansk region. The ANGELS have started raising funds to buy their car, which will help them do more to help.

Markiian and his team are working hard and helping to accelerate Ukraine’s victory. He says that even destroyed places are not as frightening as old people who remember World War II, and abandoned or killed animals. After the victory, Markiian wants to make a documentary about the war and is planning to help Ukrainians return to normal life as soon as possible.

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