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Maxim and Serafym were master chef contestants and lived in Kyiv. They dreamed of opening their own restaurant and were preparing for this.

On February 24, Maxim woke up from a phone call at 5:30. They told him that the war had begun. He immediately began to panic, because there was no understanding of what to do next. He woke Serafym up and they decided to think together what to do next, and as a result, they left Kyiv on the same day.

They went to Mikolayiv and Odessa. Finally, they stopped in Khmelnitsky, and stayed with friends. There they began to cook food for the IDPs, day and night. About 500-1000 portions came out per day. The guys say that the first days were very difficult because of the mental and physical stress.

After some time, Maxim and Serafym gathered a team of friends and opened their own volunteer center. They collected funds on Instagram and they ordered humanitarian aid in Poland and Germany, for the military. They have already received about 30 tons of aid. These are food, medicines, mats, blankets for the military, hygiene products, baby food, and much more. In the first two weeks of its operation, the center helped more than 50,000 people.

The guys say that it was difficult to leave the comfort zone, to leave your home. It is very stressful to understand that you can die any moment and it is not clear when you return home and whether you will return. But the guys keep up the team and spirit, do not let each other lose heart and really believe in our victory.

Before the War

Before the war, Maxim worked as a model, and gave culinary master classes. Sima worked as a chef and gave culinary master classes.

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