Such dedication and unity of Ukrainians will certainly lead us to victory


On February 24, Mikhailo woke up, as usual at about 6 am in his apartment in Kyiv, and saw a message from his friend that the war had begun. He turned on the TV – the reports of Ukraine being invaded were all over the news. Mikhailo realized that it was necessary to take action and launch all the processes.


Literally on the first day, their fund “Territory of Good” collected about UAH 500,000. In addition to his target areas, Mikhailo decided to help the fighters. There was a lack of equipment, protection, cars, weapons and even underwear. The guys find and deliver everything they can to the front. In addition, each unit may have different needs, says Mikhailo. But most often the requests come for helmets, bulletproof vests and cars. And for one unit, the organization even bought rifles.


Mikhailo easily became a volunteer – he wanted and could help. Moreover, he had a large number of connections from his previous places of work and he only needed to organize and coordinate everything. The biggest problem at the moment is finances. During the war, the flow of donations has significantly decreased, and this greatly slows down the work. And military ammunition is very expensive. For example, to purchase only 1,000 helmets, you need at least $500,000. Not to mention drones, walkie-talkies, cars and thermal imagers. The organization has every opportunity to order and bring more equipment, but there is a lack of finances.


Since 2014, Mikhailo has seen a lot of suffering that war brings, and he knows what to do and how to do it. He says that  to avoid burnout and fatigue, he just doesn’t think about it and works daily from 7 am to 8 pm. It is necessary to help those who defend their homeland. This is the path he has chosen and he must follow it. Every day he communicates with other volunteers and sees how much help people provide. Such dedication and unity of Ukrainians will certainly lead us to victory.


Mikhailo does not think much about what happens after the war, he had and still has big plans, both for the development of the charity organization and his personal ones. Probably, immediately after the victory, he will sleep. And maybe he will go to the seaside with his family. Perhaps even to Ukrainian Crimea that will be free.

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