I call volunteers God's unarmed warriors


On the morning of February 24, Mikhaylo’s ex-wife awakened him screaming in tears that war’d begun and they needed to immediately take their kids to their relatives who live far from the city. It was hard to believe something like that is possible but absolutely all Telegram channels said it was true. Ukraine’s at war.  

In a month Misha has organized a robust volunteer association and developed a focused and well-coordinated team of 100 people. Now, his team is feeding from 1,000 to 1,300 soldiers of the Ukrainian army and territorial defense. They are helping the elderly, disabled people, single mothers throughout the city of Odesa and the Odesa region. They’ve managed to collect a fairly large supply of medicines. There’s also a doctor on the team. Two restaurants, two bakeries and two home kitchens are constantly working to meet the needs of the citizens of Odesa. Another restaurant provides food for a military base, that is 500 people.

The guys are now delivering humanitarian aid to the cities and villages in the Odesa region that experience a critical food situation. They’ve managed to deliver more than five tons of essential food and medicines and make more than 30,000 portions of hot meals.

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