All Ukrainians have united for one purpose — to expel the occupier from our land


Mykhailo Kabanov is known to many people in Kharkiv. He is an administrator in the patriotic pub Stena (The Wall) and has always taken an active part in the life of Kharkiv. Mykhailo is married and has a little son.

There were many rumors that the war would begin in February, but everyone believed them only when they heard explosions from rockets. First of all, Mykhailo ensured the safety of his wife and child, they lived in a pub for several days (it is in the basement), and then went to Poltava.

From the first days of the war, Mykhailo knew that he should and would help, but did not immediately understand what exactly to do. First, he was looking for cars to evacuate people from Kharkiv and bring back fuel or medicines.

Mykhailo posted reports on Facebook, asking people to help. And imperceptibly he got involved in a lot of volunteer work. Now he is constantly in touch with Kharkiv volunteers and gives them things that are impossible to get in Kharkiv. He keeps in touch with volunteers from Kyiv and western Ukraine, they also send help, and Mykhailo coordinates these processes. Volunteers help everyone who asks for help – from socks to a car. They provide food and medicines for the elderly, hygiene products and nutrition for children, and fuel. And, of course, the guys keep in touch with the military and, first of all, try to fulfill their requests.

Mykhailo’s day begins at dawn and lasts until late at night, but he does not give up. He knows that all Ukrainians have united for one purpose – to expel the occupier from our land. He is sure that we will definitely win and promises to arrange a week-long festival “Ukraine has won”.

Before the War

Pub administrator

Site of Operation

Poltava, Kharkiv

Operation Directions

Humanitarian aid
Helping Armed Forces of Ukraine
Help to the Territory Defence
Food Packing
Help to elderly people
Funds Raising