Together we are many, we will not be defeated


On February 24 at 5 am Mykhailo’s friends who had already heard the explosions, called him to tell that the war had started. Mykhailo lived with his girlfriend and the first thing they felt having heard the news was shock. They packed the essentials and went outside to check the situation in the city. People were panicking, traffic was terrible on the way out of town. 

Mykhailo was expecting this turn of events since prior the news about the war had been spreading around. That is why he was ready to stay in Kharkiv and help people. This is how he and his team who worked with life insurance started saving lives. They organized a place in Kharkiv to gather food and medicine, established the supplies from other cities of Ukraine and Europe. First their team consisted of 5-10 people, now it’s already 20 people including the workers of the warehouse, drivers, and the call center. Mykhailo himself is responsible for the logistics, search, and organization of the drivers.  

Every day the team helps about 500-600 people with food, and about 200 people with medicine. Mainly these are elderly people, disabled people and mothers with children. They deliver food and medicine to homes, bomb shelters, metro stations and basements.

They help our military on their posts: get them clothing, food that can be stored for long. Now they are also searching for and delivering military equipment. The most expensive part is now the medicine, gas, and military equipment. The difficulty that Mykhailo’s team is facing all the time is the fear of other people experience. Some are afraid to ask for help or just open the door. Sometimes it happens that in the evening they receive help requests from the people who might not be alive tomorrow or their house might be destroyed. That is terrible. 

However, every day Mykhailo gets inspired by the fact of how many people they manage to help and believes in our victory. After which he wants to go to his hometown Cherkassy and have some rest with his team.

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