I am pleased to help people and receive their gratitude


On February 24 he woke up from the explosion, went to the window and saw the consequences of this explosion. He sent his family to Western Ukraine. A volunteer organization was created at the university.

There are about 40 people in the team now. They provide  humanitarian aid for students, university staff and their families. They also send aid to villages and hospitals; they use the administrative resources of the university. Mykhailo says that now this help is very necessary for local staff and students.

Almost the entire team spends the night at the premises. They accept aid shipments both from Western Ukraine and other countries. These are medicines, nutrition, baby food, clothes, and bottled water. During their work, more than 2400 targeted deliveries of aid for the elderly and disabled have been carried out, 26 organizations have been helped: orphanages and hospitals. They sent cars with humanitarian aid to the territories that were under occupation.

Mykhailo’s team is in constant need of funds to buy gasoline for delivery trucks and to buy food. Mykhailo is pleased to help people and receive their gratitude. It gives him the strength to do even more. And it is easier for him to do something useful. Mykhailo says that on the one hand, he helps people, and on the other hand, he helps himself.

After the victory, Mykhailo will go to his family, who are now in Western Ukraine, and bring them home.

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