I was lucky, I managed to enter the basement right after the rocket exploded


From the first days of the war, his team remained in Kharkiv actively helping people. At first, the guys took on everything, but decided to concentrate on helping the civilians. They are dealing with food, medicines and baby products.

The team has about 40 permanent members. There is an office that processes and forms requests; a call center and groups in social media and messengers where people can ask for help; there is a logistics center that plans routes and takes care of cars. Today in Kharkiv there are 3 large warehouses with food and one with medicines.


During the 4 weeks of war, the guys have processed more than 100 tons of humanitarian aid and helped more than 20,000 people. More than 100 requests are processed daily. Moreover, the request could be from a family of 3-4 people, or from a whole house of 100 people. Their drivers deliver aid to the most dangerous districts of Kharkiv and the region daily. Nikita says that at first they posted ads in all districts with their contacts and shared the information about their work on social media. And then “word of mouth” started working.

Nikita was making a video about daily volunteer work when a russian rocket just flew over his head. Fortunately, Nikita and his team survived, his colleague Slavik, who was cut by shrapnel, suffered the most. The guys’ office was smashed. But Nikita’s video quickly spread through telegram channels and the media, and the guys’ activities were noticed. Someone let them use their office space, others helped with donations and medicines. Now the guys have completely solved the issue of food supplies – the volunteer center in Lviv and European funds are helping with this. But there are still large expenses for medicines, as well as for fuel and car repairs, and also operating expenses.


It hurts Nikita to see how his beloved Kharkiv is covered with terrible wounds, it hurts to lose his beloved “Sneaker Made” office, which was in a beautiful historical building in the city center. However the city can be rebuilt, but people cannot be brought back! Once Nikita and the driver were bringing help to people in Saltovka, a district in Kharkiv, and they were stopped by the police. It turned out that the car of other volunteers had just come under fire there. There was a guy and a girl inside. The police asked to unload the goods from their car and gave Nikita the guys’ passports stained with blood. Nikita found the relatives of the volunteers, it turned out that the girl was alive, but the guy died. Giving the passport to the parents of the dead volunteer is the worst thing Nikita has experienced.


The last months before the war were quite busy in Nikita’s working schedule. He was waiting for his first car and dreamed of driving it into the forest to listen to the silence. He says that he wants to listen to silence all the time now.


When the victory of Ukraine is announced, Nikita would burst into tears. And go with his wife on vacation somewhere to the seaside. At the same time he knows that there will be no vacation – there will be even more work! It will be necessary to restore cities and revive the economy.

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