Every life that we've managed to rescue is priceless. The main goal is to save as many lives as possible


In the run-up to the war, Mykyta and his wife planned to celebrate their wedding anniversary and had a romantic evening. They woke up in the morning of February 24 to a call from their friends in Kharkiv and found out that it all had started. When the first shock wore off, Mykyta started calling friends and planning to evacuate his family to a safer place. He and his wife are now in the city of Kamianets-Podilskyi, but they travel almost daily to Kyiv, Kharkiv, or Dnipro to deliver medicines, humanitarian aid, and transport some people out of the cities.

Mykyta could not sit still either. The first day, when he was finally safe, he went to all the pharmacies in the city and started buying medicines. First and foremost, he is buying bandages to send to the front line, heart medications for the elderly as well as antiviral and antipyretic drugs, baby food, diapers for infants, canned food and cereals. The first time, Mykyta recalls, they drove without any plan. They packed everything they managed to buy into the car, wrote on the chat room of the apartment building they lived in Kiev that they were coming to the city bringing help and collected applications for medicines as well as offered to take the children with them. And when they were giving out food and medicines, Mykyta saw a little girl who took out all the sweets from the bag they’d given her, arranged them beautifully, like in a store, and, without taking a single candy for herself, began to give them to all the children. Then they realized that people really needed help and decided to help everyone they could.

They are making purchases mostly on their personal savings, which they had been saving for vacations. Over time, they began to get help from friends and strangers. And one family that the guys helped with the evacuation, left them their car. Which means that the guys will be able to bring twice as much help and take out twice as many people and animals. Mykyta says that the most terrible thing is to lose time, not to make it on time. Once they were going to pick up people in Kharkiv, but they didn’t make it before curfew because of traffic jams, so they postponed the trip until the morning. And two of those people who were supposed to go with them that day still haven’t made contact with them…

Mykyta doesn’t know yet what he will do after the victory. He and his wife had plans for a vacation and planned to have a baby. Life, however, has changed so drastically now that it is difficult to make plans while there is a threat to people’s lives. And they are determined to fight for every one of them.

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