Nadiia is pleased with the number of kind people in Ukraine with a pure heart and  who are prepared to face anything


Since December, Nadiia’s team has been following the news and preparing for the fact that a war might begin. Even before the start, it was decided that Nadiia would leave Ukraine in order to be more effective in the event of a Russian invasion. On February 23, Nadiia was already near Boryspil airport, the next day she was supposed to have her flight. That day she spent the night in a hotel and woke up early in the morning from loud explosions.

Now Nadiia is already in Georgia, where there is a branch office of the IT company where she works. From there, she oversees the entire volunteer organization and activities. In the very first days, Nadiia called the assistant to the mayor of Kharkiv, with a proposal to join forces and offer volunteer help from her side. She gathered her best friends, got in touch with restaurateurs she knew in Kharkiv, found drivers… This is how several volunteer organizations were created, with a team of 58 people.

Volunteer organizations are preparing and delivering hot meals to Kharkiv bomb shelters and according to applications that are collected through the mayor’s office and Instagram. They can deliver about 6000 servings daily. They are also engaged in the targeted delivery of dry rations, which are designed for a week, for people who cannot leave the house on their own. They deliver about 1,000 dry rations a day.

Nadiia says that for a very long time there were difficulties with the purchase of fuel, which made it too difficult for volunteers to work. Also, volunteers often came under fire, as they were delivering food to hot spots of Kharkiv, so Nadiia tried to provide everyone with bulletproof vests and helmets.

Nadiia says that she is inspired by her close people who stayed in Kharkiv and whom she is able to help. She is pleased with the number of kind people in Ukraine with a pure heart and  who are prepared to face anything. “The most beautiful thing that this war has shown is that we are all united and with a good heart and intentions.”

After the victory, Nadiia dreams of meeting the whole team of volunteers and throwing a big party.

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