We have always fed people and we will continue to do it now


On Feb. 24, Nadya, alike many citizens, woke up at 5 a.m. because the city bombings had started. She had no understanding of what she could do and how fast she had to react. So, she just started calling her relatives and friends, asking them questions, while they were supporting and calming each other.

At the end of the second day of war, Nadya realized she would stay in Kharkiv, preparing food for those in need of provision. She checked in with her restaurant’s team and got their support. The next day, for the reasons of convenience and safety (there was no need for self-transporting and the building was more-or-less self-protected), the guys relocated themselves to Ga.Ga.

On joining all the Kharkiv volunteer groups available, Nadya was looking for the contacts of those in need for food. During the first weeks, they were just feeding the military and the hospitals’ personnel, after that they also added the bomb shelters and individual provision help-outs for the elderly people and moms with the kids.

When the “hottest” days of the city bombing started, Nadya was invited into a building in a Dnipropetrovska oblast’, with the name of “Fabric cuisine” and more opportunities to scale up their work. They moved into it, together with a part of the team, while the other part of them stayed in Kharkiv. In Dnipro, products are bought for the donations, food is being cooked and sorted. Then, the driver gets the food and brings it to a storage place in Kharkiv, where the volunteers sort it and bring the food directly to the people in need of it. Overall, we are talking about a team of 15, with more than 2000 portions provided daily.

Now, Nadya works together with the two volunteer companies: “Culture Shock” and the “Sun People”. There’s also their own volunteer group, monitoring the requests and working on the delivery. Nadya says, first days were the hardest. But, with the time, people became super-organized and now there are no unexpected issues they can’t deal with quickly. After the victory, Nadya plans on gathering everyone who has been helping them and organizing up a large party. And, surely, participating in the renovation of Kharkiv.

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