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All Ukrainians have united and everyone is doing everything they can


Natalia Zyzych and Snizhana Manzulych have known each other all their lives, they are from the small town of Perechyn, Transcarpathian region. Natalia is 32, she is a mother of two children, she practices law and works as an assistant to a local deputy. And Snizhana is only 20, she is a student.


When the news of the war shocked the whole Ukraine, the girls quickly realized that in the western regions and Transcarpathia there would be many people who were forced to flee their homes. And first of all there would be children from orphanages and mothers with children. The girls began to collect clothes, shoes, hygiene products, toys and everything that people might need. They say that their whole community, local authorities and businessmen help in any way they can.

Now Natalia and Snizhana have provided everything necessary for the IDPs in their city. But they also support them psychologically and even arrange festive events for children.

Girls do not collect donations, but continue to accept things that are now sent to other front-line cities and regions where there is a need. They say that people don’t have much money now, but they can share the necessary things – strollers, scooters, stoves, clothes, and much more. And this help is no less important or valuable than money.


So, all Ukrainians have united and everyone is doing everything they can for VICTORY.

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Natalia is a lawyer, Snizhana is a student

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