Everyone needs to work hard to bring the victory closer


On February 24, Nataliia was sound asleep and did not hear the explosions. She was awakened by her husband, who said that Russia had attacked Ukraine. When Nataliia went out to the balcony, she heard loud explosions. It was immediately clear that sitting still was not an option, she had to use her organizational skills. They gathered the whole family and the first thing they did was evacuate the women. Nataliia went to Lviv, where she is now.

In Lviv, together with friends, they created a volunteer organization that helps the IDPs who came to the city on evacuation trains. People arrive disoriented and do not know what to do next. The organization distributes and settles people, helps those who go further to the border. There are about 200 volunteers in the team. And during the peak days, it was possible to help more than 20 thousands of people a day who came from different cities of Ukraine.

Also, Nataliia’s team launched another direction – a humanitarian organization that accepts aid from Europe. These are food, hygiene products and medicines. After that, it distributes and sends humanitarian aid to the cities of Kharkiv, Odessa, Kramatorsk, Kyiv, Dnipro, Zaporizhzhia.

Nataliia dreams of being at home and getting together with her loved ones. But she says that the main thing is that victory comes as soon as possible, and for this everyone needs to work hard. A friend of Nataliia says that people have several basic fears: the fear of death, the fear of the unknown, and the fear of being kicked out of the pack. So Nataliia believes that our pack of conscious Ukrainians is the most powerful and we must always stay with it.

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