I know firsthand what war is like


Nina realized as early as February 23 that a Russian invasion was inevitable. So on the morning of February 24, when the bombing began, she had all of her things packed. Nina’s friends and relatives were also warned, and they also packed everything they needed in advance. The organization “Zvilennya z Polonu” had been receiving tons of messages and calls with requests for help since the beginning of the war. For the first few days, the team helped evacuate people from hot spots.

Given Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, there were considerable needs for supplies for TDF and AFU units. This is why Nina’s organization is now dealing with organizational and logistical issues of finding and obtaining ammunition for the Ukrainian army to ensure the protection and safety of our soldiers. There are 30 people involved in the team. The organization cooperates with American and European foundations. They send various aid, which is distributed and sent to the hot spots. 

During the two months of war the organization “Zvilennya z Polonu” sent to the military in hot spots more than 2000 tourniquets, 1000 first-aid kits, 700 bulletproof vests, 700 radios, 400 helmets, more than 300 different scopes, 200 quadcopters. They have also provided the military with shoes, uniforms, thermal underwear, backpacks, packs, sleeping mats, power banks and flashlights.

Nina has great faith in our victory and dreams of going on a little trip with her son, with tents, sleeping bags and SUP-boards.

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