The hardest thing for me was trying to understand people who leave animals behind


Oksana Galan is a dog and cat behavior specialist, co-founder of a school of mutual understanding between people and animals near Kyiv. Oksana did not believe until the last minute that a war could begin. On February 24, at dawn, she woke up from the sound of the elevator in the house being used too often, which was rather strange at such a time. Then she opened Facebook and realized that the war had begun. At first she was in a severe stupor, did not understand anything, did not know what to do. She was brought back to reality by her dogs which she took for a walk.

Oksana says that dogs and cats need their humans. And she and her team realized that people who have pets really need help. They are now in a panic, many do not understand how to help their four-legged friends, where to find food, how to calm them down. After all, animals also have strong anxiety and fear of loud sounds.

So they set up a chat where  they connected different people who have animals, who adopted, who would like to adopt… all those who now need help and advice. Oksana and the team consult pet owners every day, develop simple and quick instructions for helping animals, and coordinate the owners’ chat (help with food, medicines, transport and other things necessary for living with a pet). There can be about 20-50 requests for help per day.

Oksana believes that it is the pets that save us now and provide great support. Because the whole routine associated with caring for them saves, gives support and provides a plan. The hardest thing for Oksana was trying to understand people who leave animals behind.

She dreams of creating an educational project for pet owners, for children who will have animals in the future. After all, the more responsibly people treat animals, the more humane our society will be. After the victory, Oksana really wants to go to the seaside with her dogs.

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