We will fight the enemy with ability to negotiate, organize processes, establish delivery and distribution


In the morning of February 24, Oleg, like many other Kharkiv citizens, woke up to the sounds of explosions. There was no time to panic, the decision what to do next had to be taken. Oleg has started helping people since the very first day, at first it was his friends and relatives. Afterwards, step by step he gathered a team of volunteers and organized Intelligentsia Help Kharkiv. Today the team consists of 60 people who are located both in Kharkiv and outside the city.

The organization prepares food packs for a 5-day ration which they deliver to people in need, around 1500 packs a day. They receive and process a very big number of requests daily, there is a request for 3000 packs a day. Oleg’s team also supplies foods to volunteers who prepare warm meals for our soldiers. They provide hospitals with everything that is necessary. Medicines, diapers, hospital napkins. In addition to that, they deliver food to occupied districts and regions of Kharkiv. Around 20-30 thousand packs of cereals are sent to cover all the needs weekly.

Oleg is actively helping the military. He provides them, as far as possible, with everything they need, from socks to thermal imagers and even off-road vehicles. It is when he communicates with the soldiers that he recharges his batteries and gets the burning energy of our guys.

The most horrible thing in this war is that people are dying, that children and their mothers have to stay in horrible conditions in basements, sleeping on the floor and having no possibility to eat normally. But Oleg believes that the way we all got united by these events, and the readiness of each person to help others is the way to our victory.

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