Something has to be done, it is impossible to sit still


On February 24, his wife woke him up early in the morning and said that the city was being bombed. At first, Oleksander didn’t believe it, but after a while he realized that this was true. The first day, he and his wife just watched the news and tried to figure out what was going on. Realization came within a few days. Then Oleksander understood that something had to be done, it was impossible to sit still.

He tried to get into some volunteer organization. So he now works together with the KH.LIB organization, which provides targeted assistance to the elderly, mothers with children and people with disabilities. Oleksander organizes the content of the packages, draws up a route based on requests, purchases products, participates in the packaging and delivery to addresses. He also participates in all joint activities of the organization.

In a day, it is possible to make 100-200 deliveries of aid to those in need. Oleksander says that if you live in such an environment and lose heart, you can die quickly. Because as soon as you start to lose heart, you lose. He believes that volunteering is not a job that you do for fun, it is a job that you do because you cannot do otherwise. You can not not help your country to overcome this horror.

Before the War

Teacher of mathematics and computer science KTL №9, developer

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