We are very inspired by our people


On February 24, Oleksandr and Katerina woke up from loud explosions in the city, they thought that the windows in their house would be smashed. The first two days they were in prostration and did not understand what was happening and what to do.

Oleksandr and his wife decided to open their cafe and feed people. This is how they started cooking for the IDPs, territorial defense, and volunteers. Within a week, 250 people were served daily.They began to write reports and cover their activities on social media. There were requests for help. Many people help Oleksandr and Katerina, bring food, and deliver ready-made food to the territorial defense.

Oleksandr and Katerina also help IDPs with adaptation, with the search for housing and clothes. Katerina organizes psychological support for them. They are very inspired by our people. Many people who contribute just want and are ready to help, while others know Oleksandr and Ekaterina personally, and bring help to them.

Oleksandr and Katerina do not doubt for a single day, not a single minute that we will win. And they are looking forward to it.

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