On February 24, Oleksandr woke up at 7 a.m. from a call from his friend, who told him that the war had begun. At night, Oleksandr heard some sounds, but did not think they were important. He didn’t even think that they could be explosions. He was shocked when he turned on the news in the morning. Oleksandr, like everyone else, could not believe that this was possible in the 21st century, because everyone was hoping for a civilized solution to the conflict.

On the very first day, Oleksandr tried to enroll in the territorial defense, but at that time there were already many people and they did not take him. Therefore, he and his friend went to deliver Molotov cocktails to checkpoints and humanitarian aid to people in need. The guys realized that they could be useful and organized a volunteer center. Now the center has a team of 20 people, where everyone does what they can. The volunteer center is called “Hedgehogs”.

Oleksandr and the team have organized the supply of humanitarian aid from other cities and are delivering it to people in Kyiv and the region. They also cooperate with a restaurant in Kyiv, which provides the military with ready-made food. The priority of the Hedgehogs Volunteer Center is to provide people in need with food and medicines.

Oleksandr says that he is happy not to sit at home on the couch, but to know that he helped someone. He sees how people live without even an opportunity to buy food for themselves. He says they thank him in tears. Oleksandr is frustrated to see this, but also it inspires him to help further and do more.

Oleksandr, like everyone else, got used to a certain rhythm of life and its joys. After the end of the war, he plans to take a little break and begin to plan his next actions. They dream of just getting together with their whole team and thanking each other when it’s over.

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