Our main goal is to help those affected by the war and help those who help war victims


Within the first minutes of February 24th Oleksandr and a group of activists organized the evacuation of people to Western Ukraine. Taking care of their wives and children, they left the city on their own. Shortly afterwards, a large group of Kharkiv entrepreneurs, top managers, and IT specialists gathered in Lviv to organize the Kharkiv SOS volunteer initiative. There are more than 40 people in the team now.

Initially, they helped with information regarding the evacuation of people from Kharkiv to the West. Oleksandr says – the issues of safe routes, accommodation, points where one can get food or medical care are always relevant during the war. The large call center Kharkiv SOS was created quickly and this initiative became nationwide. Volunteers are helping war victims. They also do a very important job by providing help to those who are themselves helping. They coordinate and support volunteers with resources, funds and logistics.

During the 4 weeks of the war, Sashko’s team created a large and systematic organization that collects and analyzes inquiries, checks volunteers in the regions, and verifies relevant information for each day. This system enables using the transport along the entire route effectively – humanitarian aid goes one way and people from cities and towns go the other.

A team of volunteers has set up permanent evacuation routes in different regions, assisting with accommodation and adaptation of people in their new location. Recently they have arranged an evacuation route to Germany with accommodation. They created a warehouse for humanitarian aid in Poland.

Crowdfunding for targeted military assistance is also constantly open. They are now raising funds for an ambulance, which has already been equipped and is waiting to be sent to Kyiv. There is a need for optics, armour, copters etc. Sashko considers gratitude, especially when it comes from children, to be the most rewarding thing about volunteering. His team will continue working on this project after the victory. They understand that people will need help with returning back home and many will need help with the reconstruction of the lost houses. Sashko is very concerned about his daughters. The first thing he wants to do after the victory is to visit them. After a little break, he will return to the business.

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