I plan to bring happiness to people again


On February 24, Oleksii was awakened by a call from relatives. They were disturbed, in a panic and told the war had begun. Oleksiiwas seized with anxiety, he was worried about his parents and close people. For the first half-hour, he tried to calm himself somehow. He tried to push back the panic, tried to think more sensually and do something.

On the 4th day of the war, Aleksei decided to help people in the subway. He bought as much bread as possible, also apples and sweets. He was told in the subway to help those who need help even more.

Oleksii talked to his friend, who was born in Germany and moved to Vinnytsia, and they decided to deliver humanitarian aid. Oleksiiwent to Vinnytsia on March 8th to help organize all the processes.

Humanitarian aid is collected in Germany and Vinnytsia and then sent by trucks. Cargo is being brought to Kharkiv since this is the hometown of the guys and it is needed there. Most of the humanitarian aid consists of food, hygiene products, medicines, and baby food. Military Forces of Ukraine and Territorial Defense Forces of Kharkiv are being supplied with food. They raise funds through their Instagram accounts.

Now Oleksii is doing paperwork to register a charitable organization “Soul”. He says the “Soul” is something more than just humanity, more than all of us. The organization also provides a temporary residence for people who transit to the Western part from the Eastern part of Ukraine.

The most urgent at the moment is providing transport with fuel. Big money is spent to deliver humanitarian aid from Vinnytsia to Kharkiv. Aleksei strongly believes in the victory of Ukraine. He dreams of coming home to his parents in Kharkiv. He plans to do floristry and bring happiness to people.

Before the War

Owner of a floristry studio, a flower shop and a flower delivery service in Kharkiv

Site of Operation


Operation Directions

Help to the Territory Defence
Helping Armed Forces of Ukraine
Humanitarian aid