All I wanted to do while I’m under God, while He and the Armed Forces of Ukraine are protecting us, was to be of help


On February 24, at 4:30 am, Oleksii woke up because his dog started barking at the sounds coming from outside. At first, Oleksii thought these were just fireworks but when he opened the curtains, he saw a bright glow of the first explosions. At that moment, he and his family realized that the war had begun. First, they went to get gasoline and to offer help to their relatives.

Oleksii and his family had stayed in Kharkiv for quite a while until one of the missiles hit their house. He immediately decided to send his wife and children to Germany to keep them safe. Oleksii himself remained in the city and began providing food for civilians and the military. He was not going to leave Kharkiv. There were a lot of people who needed help, and he had the inner strength and ability to provide it.

Oleksii and his team of 12 people opened the kitchen of their restaurant to cook food that would be then delivered to further locations. They currently feed 300 civilians, mostly disabled elder people, and about 150 soldiers from the front line daily; they also provide food for pet owners. They help with logistics and fundraising for the purchase of bulletproof vests for the Ukrainian military.

They are in permanent need of money for gasoline (his team has three cars that they use to move around the city under shelling), medicines, groceries, and pet food.

Oleksii seems to no longer remember the day his family left, and he misses his children a lot. Every day his team faces new adventures and challenges. But he still has a lot of energy and wants to do more.

Today, Oleksii is very proud of the fact that he is Ukrainian. He is proud of the government that keeps motivating him every day. After all, the whole world knows about Ukraine and supports it a lot. Today Ukrainians are more united than ever.

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