I don’t consider myself a volunteer I just love animals and cannot help it


When the war broke out on February 24, Oleksii was on vacation in the west of Ukraine. When he learned about the war, he found it hard to believe it was actually happening. But in the very first days of the war, Oleksii took his relatives to a safe place and returned to Kyiv to be useful. He tried to sign up for the territorial defense forces, but all the units were fully manned at that time. Then, Oleksii decided to help with the evacuation of people, but after some time he decided that a lot of willing people and volunteers are helping civilians, but very few people think about animals.

Oleksii loves animals very much and has two cats living at home. The story of how he was approached to save a cat prompted him to save the animals. The cat had been lying in the back of the car in a closed bag for 4 days. Oleksii arrived there and freed the cat and then returned it back to its owner. Since that day, he started going on his rescue operations.
To date, Oleksii has already rescued about 200 animals. They are not only dogs and cats, but also turtles, parrots, guinea pigs and chinchillas. Now Oleksii evacuates all the animals from the city of Irpin. Oleksii already has an assistant who receives applications.

Every day he gets up at 6:30 and leaves for Irpin. He stays there until 5-6 pm, rescuing the animals and taking them to the owners, if there are any. Once he managed to save a cat, which had been sitting in the apartment without food and water for 41 days.

Oleksii told us one of the most touching stories of rescue. The story of a cat called Timochka who sat in a completely destroyed apartment. When Alexei came there, he didn’t even hope to find him, but Timochka himself came out to him and started purring. Now Oleksii is creating a shelter for those animals who have no owners. He prepares the room, makes small repairs, buys cages, carriers and food. At the same time he is raising funds for the shelter.

After the victory, Oleksii just wants to go on vacation and rest, because right now it is not possible to rest. He is sure that everything will radically change after our victory, but it will definitely change for the better. Oleksii is guided by the fact that people can defend themselves somehow, whereas animals can’t help themselves – they turned out to be the most defenseless. Many of them were left without owners, without a home, food and water. But the good news is that many of the animals that Oleksii rescues and who were left without owners are ready to be adopted and find a new friend.

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