People who remain optimistic in the face of adversity are very inspiring to me right now


In the autumn of 2021, Oleksii relocated his girlfriend from Russia to Kharkiv, and on the night of February 24, he and his friends had a housewarming party. He was woken up by a friend who was shaking with fear. Oleksii opened the window and immediately understood everything. It is impossible to forget the terrible sounds of the bombing. As fast as they could, they moved the documents and equipment from the office and went to get their families.

Oleksii realized that he had to do something. He had experience moving through the city during wartime and had a car, and he started evacuating people to safe places. Visiting the underground stations and cellars, Oleksii noticed that many people in Kharkiv were completely unprepared for war. They were paralyzed with fear, they had no food supplies, they did not know what to do. Then he started distributing his takeaway food containers to the restaurants that cooked hot meals.

Oleksii contacted the kitchens he worked with before the war and offered his free products and posted the same ad on social media. In just 3 days, the guys shipped the packaging materials for more than $ 3,000 and realized they could not cope on their own. They started the collection of donations on the Internet and quickly collected more than 400 thousand UAH.


By the end of the first week of the war, the guys managed to establish communication with almost all restaurants and cafes in the city, as well as the volunteer headquarters that prepared and delivered hot food. The guys managed to buy body armor for the drivers, and now they carry food even to the most dangerous parts of the city. Oleksii says that all volunteers work quickly and smoothly: some collect and sort humanitarian aid, some buy food, kitchens and restaurants prepare meals, Oleksii’s team supplies everyone with packaging materials, and brave drivers deliver food.

It pains Oleksii to see the second city he fell in love with being encircled, its architectural heritage and the most beloved places being destroyed. It is unbearable to see the tears in the eyes of the girl he loves. But he is very glad that he can help. Back then, in 2014, he was only 17 years old and did not know what to do. Now he is a grown man and is ready to give all his money and strength for our victory.

Oleksii sincerely strives for the success of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the front and is pleased to see the progress of the negotiations. Now he has a hope that his hometown, Lugansk, will be able to return under the Ukrainian flag.

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