The team is doing what people need and it is important to them


On February 24, at 7 am, Olena woke up from the first explosions. She was already mentally prepared for this and knew what she would do. She packed her bags, took the cats and left for Lviv on the very first day.

In Lviv there are 6 more branches of the Federation, in which Olena worked. On the second day, students began to come to the city, call and ask if they could stay overnight in the center. So Olena and the team began to rebuild the centers, (6 studios in the city), for the settlement of the IDPs. Initially, only students came to the centers, then there were people from all cities. Currently about 60 people live in the centers.

A month later, they slightly changed the scheme of work and left 3 studios for migrants. Because they saw that people needed a different kind of support and realized that they could teach people. So Olena and the team began to conduct different types of courses and classes. Yoga, dance, self-defense, wushu classes, medical courses and self-defense courses.

Olena says that there are a lot of interested people, about 30-40 people are always present at the classes. And she sees that the team is doing what people need and it is important to them.

In parallel with the centers that accept IDPs, Olena and her team are engaged in several areas:

  • search and delivery of humanitarian aid from Europe, which is distributed to hot spots, military and civilian people, children;
  • search and delivery of medicines to Ukraine, these are sent to military hospitals and maternity hospitals;
  • assistance to people who have lost their homes, with the search for housing in Lviv.

After the victory, Olena dreams of gathering her team with the girls and having a dancing party. She really wants to hug her friends who are in other cities and travel a lot.

Before the War

Yoga and dancing instructor, interpreter

Site of Operation


Operation Directions

Humanitarian aid
Pshychological Help
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