We will rebuild our cities, we will plant new gardens, but a person's life ... You can't bring it back.


That morning of February 24 she did not hear any explosions. She accidentally woke up early at 6 am just to drink some water, then she checked her phone and learned these horrible news about bombing and the war’s breakeout. At first Olya was stunned, and she decided not to wake up her daughter, she just tried to pull herself together.

During the first week Olga and her daughter stayed in Kyiv. And she started doing what she is good at – cooking. To cook food for the Territorial Defense. It took her a while to develop the right strategy. Also Olya became a donor and donated her blood, she has a rare blood type O(I), rhesus negative.

Further, thanks to her public exposure and popularity, she began to raise funds and succeeded in collecting more than 80 thousand Ukrainian hryvnias for the children’s hospital Okhmadyt in Kyiv. For the purpose of raising funds to buy medicine, Olya arranged a food tent at a local street market in Prague, she was offered a free kitchen and all necessary equipment for cooking there.

Olga’s team did fresh cooking at an open-air food market and on the first try they sold everything till the last dish, their food was so popular that people lined up near their tent. As a result, they managed to collect 220 thousand Ukrainian hryvnias, which were used for purchasing pharmaceutical supplies to send to Ukraine. 

Together with famous Ukrainian TV host Andriy Shabanov, who has been known by his project for providing people with medical supplies “You Are Not Alone”, they organized the delivery of important medicines from Europe. They have already succeeded at sending more than 2000 packs of essential medicines to Ukraine.

In the near future Olga is planning to work with children who came with their parents to the Czech Republic. Her goal is to create a culinary space for kids where they learn to cook together, and this cooking therapy is supposed to give them some comfort and calm them down.

Olga is constantly stressed out, struggling  keeping things under control, and she strives to do more with every single day. She believes in Ukrainian people, their strength and resilience which makes her confident that Ukraine will prevail.

Before the War

Master Chef Project Judge, founder of the Culinary Academy, chef.

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