Life is a game, and your opponent is time


On the very first day, Olga left Kyiv and went abroad with her cat, now she is in Austria. Olga’s boyfriend signed up and went to serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and then she started helping, going to military stores and looking for the necessary goods for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Olga wants to cooperate with other teams, because it is difficult to handle large consignments alone. She wants to find like-minded people to search, order, report and transport together. People who would responsibly and thoroughly select the goods for our military, because their safety and our victory depend on this. Now Olga does everything on her own, buys everything she needs with her own money, which she set aside for the business. Olga searches for military equipment in the United States. Her main goal is to purchase high-quality uniforms. She plans to raise funds for thermal imagers and body armor for the military.

After the victory, Olga will hug all her loved ones, rejoice and appreciate life. She dreams of living and starting a family, opening a business in Ukraine, because she believes that there is no such freedom like in Ukraine anywhere else. She strongly believes in victory. Therefore, she tries to help our soldiers in any way she can.

Before the War

Manager in telecommunications field

Site of Operation

Kyiv, Ivano-Frankivsk

Operation Directions