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Everyone is tired and exhausted, but we need to gather all our strength


Denys Storozhuk and Olha Kharchenko worked together at E&Y in Kyiv. The tension over a possible war was in the air long before February 24, but no one wanted to believe that such a thing was even possible. On the morning of February 24 at 5 am, Denys called Olha and said: “It has begun.”

The guys had to leave Kyiv. Denys is now in Lviv, and Olha is in France. They decided to unite to buy and deliver ammunition for the military. Olha raises funds, finds the necessary items abroad, buys them and sends them to Ukraine. Denys also organizes fundraising for the purchase, constantly keeps in touch with the military and receives requests for the ammunition they need.

Olha and Denys have already sent walkie-talkies, clothes, batteries and much more to the military. Now they are raising funds for thermal imagers. The guys say that work and planning for after the war helps them to smile and rejoice. They dream of returning to Kyiv, at the first opportunity, and resuming their old life.

Olha says that everyone is tired and exhausted, but we need to gather all our strength, not stop and support our military as much as possible.

Before the War

Olga is an E&Y Auditor, Denys in the transfer pricing department

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