Without the good stories we tell, people will not imagine that things like that are possible


Before the war Olha went on vacation to Bali Island, and the war found her outside of Ukraine. She faced a very difficult question: stay there or return home but considering the situation and the fact that many people started evacuating, she has decided to stay on Bali. Olha understood that being in a safe and calm place, she will be able to coordinate the project and be more useful rather than if she was staying in Kyiv under shelling. At this point a large team of UAnimals are based in different places in Ukraine and abroad. 

Now, in the conditions of war, they are purchasing pet food, medicine, cages and carriers, as well as saving animals: evacuating, rehabilitating, helping shelters in both humanitarian and financial ways. Today, UAanimals have conducted many successful animals’ evacuation procedures abroad, along with these they are working on the operations of transporting wild animals from dangerous districts: lions, tigers, bears, llamas, alpacas, different species of wild rodents, birds etc. UAnimals is also saving animals in the streets and helping shelters, mini shelters and homes for animals financially and sending humanitarian aid. Now, when the lives of innocent animals are in danger, the movement provides help also to private institutions with animals since the main credo of this organization shows that every life matters.  

UAnimals are also an informational source for the people showing what is really happening and how it is possible to help. They try to inspire people and show good, positive news on their social media pages. The biggest problem that Olha and her team faced is the absence of green corridors from the districts where the active war fighting is happening. Exactly these corridors give the possibility to evacuate not only people, but also animals.  

The real heroism and what is motivating, and inspiring Olha are the people who do not leave their pets and save those who were left with no owners.

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