All together we will definitely win and build a great country


On the morning of February 24, still in his bed, Pavlo heard explosions and realized that the war is not the new reality. He wanted to wait for a day, in order not to get into the first wave of traffic jams during the evacuation. But Vorzel was occupied almost immediately and it was not possible to leave. They equipped a basement in their house, where the whole family and neighbors gathered. More than 30 people, including a pregnant woman and 8 children, lived in this basement for 16 days.


When Pavlo and his family were able to break out of the occupation and reached Kolomyya, near Ivano-Frankivsk, he joined the local guys who were already volunteering and began to work with them. Their team now has about 20 people, but they did not register the organization. They are engaged in humanitarian aid, food and medicines. They even make canned meat and meat porridge for long storage in an autoclave. On average, they buy and process 2 pork carcasses per week. They also bring food to the restaurants that cook hot meals in Kyiv. And on request, they collect and deliver baby food and diapers, warm clothes, medicines and food to everyone who needs it. The main directions are Kyiv and the region, as well as the east of Ukraine, where the most fierce battles are taking place. For the first month of work, the guys have already delivered more than 6 tons of humanitarian aid.


Finances are needed for logistics and food. They bring humanitarian aid from Poland and France which is expensive, and so are the transportation costs within Ukraine. For example, bringing one load to Kyiv costs about 40,000 UAH. In addition, the guys buy 2 pigs a week, as well as water, medicines and much more.


During the time that Pavlo and his family spent in the occupied Vorzel, he saw death and destruction, and tanks that broke fences and drove into residential yards. He saw shell fragments that fell literally 10 meters from him when he went out for water. But now the Ukrainian flag is flying over Vorzel, and Pavlo believes in victory. He says that now people across the country have come together and are working together. And he is sure that if every Ukrainian does what he can, then all together we will definitely win and build a great country.

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