What we are asked to do today we do the day after tomorrow


On February 24, when Pavlo woke up from the loud sounds of explosions, he was in Kyiv, where he came to become a godfather for little Luka. The war instantly destroyed all the plans. Pavlo immediately understood that he must quickly return home to Kharkiv and defend his home city.


Now Pavlo is a rear warrior – a volunteer. The first couple of weeks, Pavlo was helping with the evacuation of people. At that time, many left the city, taxi drivers did not work and people could not get to the station or to leave Kharkiv by car. In his small car, he managed to transport up to 60 people. Now Pavlo is a member of the Volunteer League public organization. The main office of the organization is located in Krasnograd, from there the guys receive humanitarian aid in their warehouse in Kharkiv, where it is packed and distributed according to requests.


Volunteers help civilians who live in the most dangerous areas of Kharkiv with food and basic hygiene products. They also bring help to the recently liberated villages of the region. The people who stayed there are mostly the elderly, the disabled, the poor, or simply those who cannot leave for various reasons. Today, volunteers have to buy 90% of the products themselves, which is a big daily expense. Many people live in critical conditions without gas and electricity – they do not have the opportunity to cook food. Volunteers try to bring canned meat and fish, canned porridge, sausages and crackers to such areas. They buy gas burners and hygiene products.


Pavlo highlights helping the military as a very important area of ​​his volunteer work. First of all, they are trying to equip the fighters on the front lines. They buy everything they can – from thermal underwear, wet wipes and socks to tactical equipment and optics. They need walkie-talkies, tablets, headphones, thermal imagers, sights, drones and much more. But, unfortunately, the guys don’t have enough finances to equip more fighters and protect their lives.


Pavlo’s family suffered from the war with Russia firsthand. Shells damaged his parents’ house on the outskirts of Kharkiv three times. But the worst thing happened when his mother was standing in a line for humanitarian aid- a shell exploded nearby and she was very badly injured. When Pavlo was able to break through to his parents through the shelling, his mother had a severe skull injury, complete loss of speech and a wound in the chest. Fortunately, he managed to take his mother to the hospital and after a series of complex surgeries, she is now recovering. After this situation, Pavlo works with even greater enthusiasm. And he will continue till the bitter end. Moreover, he knows that he is not alone. Today many Ukrainians have united and are ready to help each other.

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