If we don’t do it, who will?


On the night of February 24th Pavlo didn’t sleep as he was mastering the tracks in a simulator program when suddenly he heard loud noises and then saw fires and explosions outside. Pavlo called his mom, but for a couple of minutes he couldn’t say anything but: “Explosions, mom!” Pavlo went to his mom’s place and they decided they would stay in the city. Pavlo’s mom has been helping animals for a long time, she owns 5 dogs and 20 cats and she wouldn’t abandon them. Then Pavlo bought some groceries for the first time and went home. He had no idea what to do next. He couldn’t believe in what was happening. 

When the building of Kharkiv Regional Administration was shelled, Pavlo found out that his uncle Maxim Orekhov and his friend are helping the people to evacuate from the city. At that moment Pavlo realized he needed to act as well and joined his uncle. Now there are 40 people working at Pavlo and Maxim’s organization, they have also established a large warehouse and have 16 drivers working for them daily. They have called their team “Simply People” and are already handling it’s registration. The guys handle door-to-door humanitarian aid and medicaments delivery in Kharkiv and Kharkiv region. They mostly help elderly and disabled people. Their warehouse unloads over 3 tons of groceries daily.   Humanitarian aid is packed in the calculation for 5-7 days per person (around 10 kilos each). 

They collect the aid for the kids separately as well. At this point they have all the essentials in their warehouse – food, hygiene products, clothes and even toys. They also send thermal underwear, mats and thermoses for our soldiers. Pavlo said that they managed to establish the contacts with European humanitarian aid centers where they receive the aid from. But there’s always a lack of groats, meat, butter and vegetables. There’s always a need for medicines, both specific like insulin and drugs for oncology patients, as well as simple antibiotics and sedatives. Also the sweets are in demand – Pavlo says sweets always heighten people’s spirits and it is important to give people simple pleasures. They fuel the cars by their own means for now, but taking into account the number of cars in work and fuel prices – it all makes for large daily expenses. 

After the victory Pavlo would very much like to meet his friends to celebrate and have a drink – during the war, alcohol only increases anxiety and the guys don’t drink at all. In the future Pavlo plans keep working with the humanitarian mission because Ukraine will need all the help. He is now sure now of what direction of work he will choose, however he is sure that he will find the place where he’ll be most useful. 

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