Such a strong and friendly nation has risen up in Ukraine, and we have to save it!


On February 24, in the early morning, he was woken up by the buzz of the planes and then several explosions followed. First, he took that for a dream, but, a few seconds later, his relatives started calling and it became clear that the whole of Ukraine was being shelled. For some time later he didn’t know what was the best thing to do: going to work or packing up his stuff and going to his parents in his native city. Finally, he moved off to Mykolayiv and took several of his friends, who had no car, with him.

Mykolayiv is a relatively small town, thus people know each other well and it wasn’t hard to find other volunteers to engage with. After about 2 weeks of their work, the guys created an organization called “Niko.Volunteers”. They try to help everyone: from abandoned animals to people on the front lines. They started taking in the requests through their personal social network pages, creating the chatbot, the site, and the specialized social network pages. They have found people to help with processing the incoming requests. Overall, they’ve covered about 2500 tasks during the first month.

Their priority is the requests from the Ukrainian official military, the Ukrainian National Guards Organisation, and the Territorial Defense military volunteer troops. During this time, Ruslan got acquainted with a lot of guys from our military, and now he gets to know about their needs directly. The volunteers help by buying them the automobiles, the tactical equipment, and the medicine, as well the thermal imagers, the collimators, and the bulletproof vests. The Niko.Volunteers also help out the people with disabilities, the elderly people, and the moms with children, providing them with the necessary products. They also cover the requests from the nearby villages, when possible, especially from those who have been through the blockade.

The team has been able to gather more than 3 000 000 UAH already. But the war hasn’t finished yet and the needs are growing too. The volunteers need financial aid to keep on providing those who need their help. They have also set up production of unloaders and stovepipes and have commitments to sewers. Every day they spend a lot of money on fuel to get humanitarian supplies or deliver requests to points. And they stock up on medical supplies for operating rooms in case there are more casualties in the city.

Losing the warriors that he knew directly, was the hardest thing for Ruslan, during this war. When the connection gets lost, in a moment. Though they didn’t know each other before the war, they’ve managed to get quite close, within this time. Ruslan is impressed by the bravery of our soldiers and says he cannot allow himself to give up and relax, while knowing they are out there, fighting for us day and night, no weekends.

After the war, he dreams of coming back to his old life, going to his favourite restaurant before work, and taking a stroll down the seafront with his fiancee in the evening. The only thing that he’s hoping for, is that people come will back to work with the same type of passion they are volunteering and fighting with right now. Such a strong and friendly nation has risen up in Ukraine, and we have to save it! And for the restoration of the buildings, he’s sure we’ve got it covered.

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