We do not know where the strength comes from, but we try to support each other


On the morning of February 24, Serhii slept through the beginning of the war and woke up with an alarm to get ready for work as usual. But he saw the news about the Russian invasion, which was immediately confirmed by the loud sounds of explosions from the street. The next day, a friend called Serhii and said that people needed to be fed and asked him to arrange this process. Sergei gathered a team of 8 cooks, they agreed with the kindergarten administration to let them cook in their kitchen, assigned duties and started working.


Every day they give away about 1500 hot meals. They mainly cook for territorial defense and the Ministry of Emergency Situations employees. Sergei is responsible for supplying the kitchen with everything necessary – he buys food and utensils, arranges humanitarian aid, and controls the menu. He is sure that delicious hot food is important not only for health, but also for good mood. Money is needed every day for ingredients, utensils and fuel to deliver the food. The guys created an Instagram page where they show reports on their work and collect donations. But money is not always enough – during 2 months of the war, many people have already spent all their savings and do not donate regularly.


Sergei says that their project will not stop with the end of the war. There is a lot of work ahead to clean up and demine cities, and then there will be a large construction site. And all these people will need to be fed. Now the guys cook non-stop. They do not know where the strength comes from, but they try to support each other. Each of them understands that their work is very important. That if the kitchen stops working, several hundred people will simply remain hungry. And this cannot happen.


One day, the guys were unloading a car with groceries when a warning siren got activated. Sergei says that no one hesitated for a second or went to the shelter. They just started working faster and taking two boxes instead of one. It is situations like this that are truly unifying and inspiring. After all, everyone is very scared. On the Victory Day, Sergei promised the team to arrange a celebration with champagne and barbecue. Then they will again continue to feed the defenders of Ukraine with their delicious food.

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