There is good in this world and it’s worth fighting for!


On the 24th of February, he was sound asleep, he woke up at 9 am and didn’t hear the first explosions that had started at 5 in the morning. There were more than 40 missed calls and messages from his friends and relatives. Slava understood that the time to panic had passed, it was time to just act.

First of all, Slava helped his close friend move out of the city. After that, he persuaded his friends to leave for the village near Kharkiv where his mother lived. He spent the first week in the village but when he realized that it wasn’t safe there either, as explosions could be constantly heard and seen, he left. After going to Poltava and Vinnytsia, he came to his friends in Dnipro where he is currently staying. It was there in Dnipro where Slava and his friends gathered and organized a team of volunteers that is engaged in transporting humanitarian aid and medical supplies to Kharkiv, helping the Armed Forces of Ukraine and The Territorial Defense Forces.

It all started with Slava’s activity on social networks where he posted requests for volunteers’ needs. Now the team consists of 12 people, each day the guys collect food, medicines and necessary things for our soldiers and send everything to Kharkiv in two cars, once every three days.

As he is an artistic person, he remains creative in his volunteering job, too: each time they send a car with the aid he buys a new suit in a thrift store and posts photo reports on Instagram. He dreams to return to Kharkiv because he considers it to be the best city for living and each destruction that the city and its citizens suffer hurts him a lot. After the war ends, he plans to come back immediately and be of use for his home city.

Slava wants Kharkiv citizens to know that they are not alone and there are a lot of people, even those who have left, who think about them and help them. There is good in this world and it’s worth fighting for!

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