If you want something to change, you need to live in the present and to the fullest


On February 23, after meeting friends, Snizhana went to bed with good thoughts and did not even think that everything would change the next day. On February 24, Snizhana was awakened by her mother, with the words – Wake up, the war has begun. This was very painful news, because Snizhana’s brother was serving in the army at that moment.

Snizhana volunteered long before the start of the war, helped the orphanage financially, provided clothes. When it all started, she helped evacuate the orphanage abroad.

After Snizhana concentrated on helping the military on the front. She sends exactly what they need to the front line according to the list she receives directly from the guys. She sends everything without intermediaries and directly to the people who made the requests. She mostly helped the AZOV regiment. Help goes to such difficult areas that it is almost impossible to say exactly what was sent and where.

There is always a shortage of funds. Snizhana collects most of the donations through her Instagram page, people trust her. Snizhana was very scared at the very beginning of the war, when she did not feel safe, being on the border with Belarus. It’s scary to hear a lot of sad stories, to look at destroyed buildings, tanks…

Snizhana says that if you want something to change, you need to live in the present and to the fullest, because life passes and it is right now. After the victory, Snizhana will work hard and she plans to create a project for the restoration of Ukraine in order to rebuild our country together.

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