Our people’s stories must be written


On February 23rd she was planning a vacation with her friends, was thinking about how to celebrate March 8th, and she could not even imagine that the war would start. On the morning of February 24, Sofiia was awakened by her dog who started barking and howling. Then her relatives called, and explosions and air raids started. Sofiia could not believe that all of that was true. She felt completely desperate and disappointed, during the first week she could not come around at all.  

Sofiia started volunteering back in 2014 which is why it was not her first time. Right now, her team and she are helping the children’s hospital in Dnipro city for those who arrive from occupied territories. She is helping with clothes, food, and medicine. They organize cars with humanitarian aid that is sent to the occupied regions. Also, Sofiia managed to gather the funds for the hospital generator with a value of more than 3000$.

Together with her friends, Sofiia created a chat on Telegram “Mariupol people in Dnipro”, where people share information about their lost relatives. She is working with a famous Ukrainian anchorperson Katia Osadcha who is helping to find the missing people. On her Instagram account, Sofiia posts stories of the people who left occupied territories. She thinks that it is important to get the attention of the world and shed some light on everything that is happening in Ukraine. 

Sofiia says that it is hard for her to get up every morning, but she doesn’t have a choice. She works with a therapist, and she is very grateful to her loved ones who support her activity. The most wonderful thing lately is the work of our doctors, volunteers, and military – thinks Sofiia. She is greatly inspired by our President. 

When the win comes, Sofiia will probably just cry. And she will write a book about what she saw and heard during the war. She is certain that people’s stories must be written. Since these are examples of amazing human stamina and the horrors that they had to endure.

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