By helping our warriors we somehow contribute to what brings us closer to victory every day


Stas Feloniuk and his business partner Anna worked in the catering business before the war – they cooked lunches for schools, kindergartens, private clinics, and other businesses in Kharkov.

On the morning of February 24, Anna called Stas and told him that the war had begun. They had quite a large stock of food left at the place of production and decided to go out to work in order to at least handle it and distribute it to the people. But acquaintances told them there were people who needed something to eat. So from the first day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Stas and Anna became volunteers.

Now the guys cook 1,500 to 1,700 meals a day. They feed mostly military personnel, railroad workers, and provide food to children’s and medical facilities. At the same time they form and distribute food packages to the poor, elderly people and large families and help other volunteer staffs with food, and that’s about 4,500 more people every day.

Volunteers work from dawn until curfew without days off. And along with the team, they live right in the basement of the kitchen where they cook food. But they don’t stop, even though there are new challenges every day – they need fuel to distribute the food, they need disposable dishes, they need to pay for utilities and much more.

The guys don’t like to advertise themselves and don’t do social networking, but they know that people’s lives depend on their work. Words of gratitude give them the strength to carry on. Stas, Anna and their entire team look forward to Ukraine’s victory and promise to throw a big party and celebrate it together with those they fed throughout the war.

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