Peaceful SKY for Ukraine


On February 24 at 5 in the morning, Stanislav was woken up by his wife who had got up to the sounds of explosions. His first wish was to go to the military enlistment office, take an assault rifle and go protect Ukraine. However, as Stanislav doesn’t have any military experience, which made it impossible at that point, he decided he would start doing what he could do well – prepare food for people in need in Kharkiv and its region. 

In the beginning, there were only a couple of people who prepared and delivered food and just few cars. However, day by day the wish to do more and more and be as useful as possible was growing. Now Stanislav’s team consists of 50 people who give their all and work voluntarily almost without days off. They are drivers, cooks, and food supply service. All together they provide our soldiers, hospitals and people in bomb shelters with warm meals. Each day they face various difficulties, such as shortage of food, supply disruption, and vehicle breakdowns. 

However, Stanislav believes that the biggest problem is the psychological one. When people just spend their time doing nothing but reading news, a huge amount of news. Mostly these are negative emotions that just drive you insane. 

Stanislav’s motivation is his family. At the moment, his wife and his 16-year-old son are in a safe place. Stanislav wants his son to be proud of his father – this is what drives him every day. And the tears of the children who are made happy by just one little sweet bun make them do even more.

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