If you stay in the city, you stay and become useful


On the morning of February 24th, Svitlana was awakened by a neighbour who was even embarrassed to start with such news. It was 6 a.m. on the clock. Svetlana stepped out to the balcony and saw traffic car jams and people running somewhere with suitcases. First she packed the bare minimum of necessities and went down to the nearest underground station where she could hide.

On the second day of the war, she joined the Cosmos-Tabir organization, which used to manage cultural and musical events, exhibitions. Together they started to think how they could be useful and what to do. They decided to weld anti-tank hedgehogs, contacted the factory, agreed with the director and received the first metal batch for the production. The first 100 hedgehogs were taken to Kyiv’s checkpoints. This information was posted in news groups. Soon the organization started receiving inquiries from the Kyiv and other cities’ territorial defense forces for the anti-tank hedgehogs production. 

The hot topic was to find metal. The Cosmos-Tabir organization was supported by the Armed Forces of Ukraine who sent an official inquiry to the Dnipro-M tool shop. The shop supplied 11 tons of metal and the Cosmos-Tabir managed to weld 300 hedgehogs of it. All the working steps were done by the organization – they picked up the metal, welded it and took hedgehogs to the checkpoints. One of the artists in Svetlana’s team created a logo to mark each hedgehog. 

When there was no metal left in Kyiv, Svetlana and her team started to discuss bulletproof vests production. They found a sewing factory and several people were ready to sew. By far the team has already produced and sent out 1,000 bulletproof vests to hot spots. There are about 20 people in the Cosmos-Tabir team now. They all live in the organization’s office that is located in the basement in Kyiv. The stronger financial support would help the Cosmos-Tabir team to be more productive, purchase more materials and produce more bulletproof vests and other things needed in war. 

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