There are no such things as someone else’s children or someone else’s families


There are no active military actions in the city, that’s why its citizens have taken on a worthy mission to help people who have been directly affected by the war. Taisa says that literally all the citizens started collecting aid for people and looking for opportunities to deliver it since the very first day. Taisa and the girls from her business club managed to fill up a big car with baby food, diapers, food that can be stored for a long time and so on already on the first day. They found out that there would be a train to Poltava, there, with the help of a number of acquaintances, they found a car that delivered the first set of aid to Kharkiv. That was the beginning of a new stage in her life – volunteering.

Taisa helped people who found themselves in difficult life situations in the peaceful time too. But that was just the help of a person to a person, it was quiet. Since the war broke out, everything has changed. She says that she just can’t eat even a piece of bread knowing how hungry people suffer in the basements of Kharkiv, Mariupol, Irpin and other cities. They find volunteers in these cities and send them aid daily. Since the beginning of the war, Taisa’s team has managed to transport 30 trucks and around 20 vans and passenger cars filled up with food and medicines to the besieged city.

Taisa says that the biggest need now is the food that doesn’t need to be cooked, like canned soup, canned meat and fish, also any kind of cereals and medicines. The team of volunteers sends cars with the aid to Kharkiv, Sumy, Kyiv and some towns in its region, and Odesa daily. Taisa dreams to get an opportunity to deliver aid to the blockaded Mariupol. She says that the whole city of Chernivtsi is praying for an opportunity to save these people. 

During the first two weeks, the volunteers managed to do everything with their own forces and with the help of their acquaintances, but over the time they have realized that they can deliver more but lack finances. Now they are collecting aid through social networks and the Ukrainian diasporas in European countries, sometimes Ukrainian businesspeople help, but there is no stable source of funding from any organization or foundation.  

Taia doesn’t simply coordinate aid, she personally packs everything to the trucks and calls the drivers heroes because they risk their lives every day transporting aid to hotspots. She told about a family couple who, despite the fact that they have three children, keep delivering food to people.

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