I dream of building a big house where refugees can come and live for free


Tamara Davliatshyna is from the Donetsk region. After the outbreak of the war in Donbass, she went to Portugal in 2016, where she still lives. Tamara has always wanted to do charity work. Even before the start of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Tamara wanted to open a fund and help refugees from around the world. She was inspired by a woman from Turkey who helps refugees from Syria.

On February 24, Tamara was awakened at night by her husband who said that Russia had attacked Ukraine. She felt some kind of hopelessness, same as in 2014. There was a feeling that her whole body and brain were frozen.Then Tamara and her friend began to organize a foundation for refugees and its official registration.

The foundation helps families move and settle in Portugal. Find a job, get a spot in a kindergarten / school, get the necessary help and integrate as much as possible. As of April, 7 families with children have already been helped. Now Tamara is actively developing the fund, organizing a website where people can leave applications.

Tamara dreams of building a big house where refugees from all over the world can come and live for free until they settle in the city.

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