I know that Ukraine will endure and defend its land


Tetiana Alieksieienko was born in the city of Zhytomyr and has been living there all her life. She is married, is raising her beloved daughter, and works in the field of advertising. That was until February 24, before the war. For the first 2 weeks after the invasion, the whole family had to spend the night in a bunker, but when the bombing itensified and the occupying forces started approaching the city, Tetiana and her daughter left for Poland.

When Tetiana’s husband and brother were mobilized, it turned out that the men didn’t have the necessary equipment and they weren’t provided with it. And war requires a lot of equipment, from tactical clothing to military ammunition. So Tetiana became a volunteer. She finds the necessary equipment, looking for a financial opportunity to buy it and deliver it to the soldiers. Unfortunately, the ammunition is expensive and Tetiana alone finds it difficult to raise money for the entire unit, but she does her best.

It’s hard for her to accept the brutality of the occupiers, it hurts her to see the devastated cities and disfigured bodies of children. But she knows that Ukraine will endure and defend its land. Tetiana admires the courage of the military and the solidarity of ordinary people and believes in a quick victory. She really wants to go home, hug her family and get back to the work she loves. They have already developed a big social project and dream to implement it as soon as possible.

But while the country is at war, Tetiana keeps reaching out to everyone she can to raise money and protect our fighters.

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