If people are not fed, there will be no one left to protect


Tetiana Butenko before the war liked customizing clothes, she was raising children and creating home comfort in her home. She and her husband knew that the war would come, because for 8 years part of Ukraine had been under occupation. But the reality turned out to be worse than any expectations.

Tetiana lives in a private house in Kharkiv. Almost all the young neighbors left and only people who are 80+ years old and mothers with small children remained. Tetiana and her friend help these people. They cook food every day and deliver it to the elderly neighbors. They take care of 50 houses, those are people who wait for them every day and pray for their health. Almost no humanitarian aid reaches these private houses, and Tetiana’s help is the only chance for these people.

Tetiana also makes arrangements with foundations and large volunteer organizations to get diapers and baby food. Sometimes they help her with food or money for medicines, but mostly Tetiana and her friend feed people at their own expense. She says that if people are not fed, there will be no one left to protect. Therefore, she stays at home and will continue to take care of her elderly people. After the victory, she will definitely go and hug everyone. During this time, these people became her family.

Before the War

My job was being a mom, clothes customization

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Humanitarian aid
Help to elderly people