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When the war began, the creative and theatrical community organized a volunteer headquarters that, since the first days of war, has been providing people who stayed in the city and needed help with medicines, good and humanitarian aid.  Now the headquarters “Cultural SHOCK” operates in two directions: the guys headed by Oleh Kadanov are finding equipment for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, territorial defense forces and doctors; whereas Tetiana and the other guys are helping the peaceful citizens. Now they are providing food and medicines to 2-4,000 people everyday. Tetiana confided that the greatest difficulty they are facing in the course of their work is  the grave security situation in Kharkiv. It is hard to predict which district will be targeted for shelling in a couple of hours. 

Drivers who transport food to different districts of the city are putting themselves in grave danger. Tetiana told us that two drivers they cooperated with lost their lives in the shelling. The main sources for the volunteer work of the headquarters are donations from friends and acquaintances, which are spent mainly on medicines, as well as humanitarian aid from European funds and volunteer organizations from Western Ukraine that donate goods. Also, the guys are collaborating with other volunteer hubs that cook hot meals, but cannot deliver them to the distribution points on their own.

Tetiana is fascinated by the unity and warmth that consolidated all the Ukrainians. She says this is the thing that inspires and motivates her. And since she’s constantly working, she has no time to reflect and fall into despair. During the curfew, their creative team dreams of how they will arrange a big celebration with a cool concert after the victory. And then Tania plans to go on vacation to her friends in Western Ukraine.

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